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How To Prepare Edikan Ikong Soup

EDIKAN IKONG SOUP Edikang Ikong Soup is an extremely nutritious, delicious, and spicy vegetable soup natively prepared using 'Ugwu' (the native name for fluted pumpkin leaves) and Malabar Spinach (locally called waterleaf in Nigeria).  PREPARATION TIME: 20mins COOKING TIME: 45mins SERVING SIZE: 10 INGREDIENTS 2lbs Malabar Spinach aka Waterleaf 2lbs Pumpkin leaves (you may use Ugwu  leaf if you have that available) 3lbs Goat meat cut into large bite-size cubes ½ cup Cooked shelled Apple snails 1lbs Smoked Shrimp ½ cup Palm oil 2Red onions 2Scotch bonnet peppers 4tbsp Ground smoked dried shrimp aka Crayfish 3tsp Chicken bouillon Salt PREPARATION Slice both onions and scotch bonnet peppers, and set them aside. On low- medium heat in a large stockpot, braise the goat meat with one of the onions, scotch bonnet peppers, 1 tsp bullion, and 1 tsp salt for 30 minutes or until the

Weddings And Cultures


I grew up in a polygamous home, with a mother that put in all her best not excluding prayers, she made me understand the world through prayers, never allow you think negative she is very positive minded and always aspiring for greater height, my respect always for giving me a mother that never relent but fight, for the best always  to achieve beyond human imaginations.

 Expressing my gratitude and always blessing God for the path you put me through continue to rest on mother. I am the middle child in the family looking always unto my elderly ones but had so many challenges while growing up but my elder brother believed in me and assisted me to achieve what i became today thank you for not giving up on me i appreciate you brother. I was born in a culture where male child are giving more leverage than female ones but today all turned out to be good because it made me to be more determine to achieve above my aspirations. now to my sweet culture...............

  My Culture 

A culture of many celebrations is what I called it while growing up which is the Yoruba culture where we celebrate everything that brings joy to us, new born, birthday, victory in joy, over coming accident, older person dead, years after dead, wedding ceremonies, naming ceremonies and many more, my culture to me is a celebration galore moment. 
A wedding celebration showing how a Yoruba parent celebrate their children with loads of appreciation with a glamour wedding ceremony showing how important the child is with gathering of all relations to celebrate and pray for the child for a new beginning with so much love attached. I am a proud Yoruba girl with loads of joy always, My culture is too much with plenty ways of showing love, HWJP was in attendance of the wonderful wedding, HWJP is wishing you happy marriage life to the newly wedded.

Families members of both the bride and Families members of both the bride and groom dress gorgeously to grace the occasion with colorful combination of Aso Ebi as is popularly called, dignitaries are in attendance to celebrate with the families,   souvenirs are shared among attendees as a token of appreciations. Our women dressed in Ero and buba, men put on Agbada attire


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