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How To Prepare Edikan Ikong Soup

EDIKAN IKONG SOUP Edikang Ikong Soup is an extremely nutritious, delicious, and spicy vegetable soup natively prepared using 'Ugwu' (the native name for fluted pumpkin leaves) and Malabar Spinach (locally called waterleaf in Nigeria).  PREPARATION TIME: 20mins COOKING TIME: 45mins SERVING SIZE: 10 INGREDIENTS 2lbs Malabar Spinach aka Waterleaf 2lbs Pumpkin leaves (you may use Ugwu  leaf if you have that available) 3lbs Goat meat cut into large bite-size cubes ½ cup Cooked shelled Apple snails 1lbs Smoked Shrimp ½ cup Palm oil 2Red onions 2Scotch bonnet peppers 4tbsp Ground smoked dried shrimp aka Crayfish 3tsp Chicken bouillon Salt PREPARATION Slice both onions and scotch bonnet peppers, and set them aside. On low- medium heat in a large stockpot, braise the goat meat with one of the onions, scotch bonnet peppers, 1 tsp bullion, and 1 tsp salt for 30 minutes or until the

Let's Talk about Nigeria Jollof Rice


Nigerian Jollof Rice 

This dish consisting of chicken and Rice is very popular in Nigeria. It is reminiscent of Creole rice to which North Americans are more accustomed. You can double the quantities if you desire a larger quantity of this recipe.



✓ 15 ml olive oil ✓ 0.3kg boneless skinless chicken breasts ✓ 250ml onions ✓ 2 garlic cloves ✓ 15ml chili peppers ✓ 1000ml chicken broth ✓ 2 carrots, medium ✓ 1/2 green pepper 3 ✓ 115g fresh green beans ✓ 115g sliced brown mushrooms ✓ 2 large tomatoes ✓ 25ml tomato paste ✓ 0.5ml salt ✓ 0.5l long dried grain brown Rice ✓ 8 lettuce leaves ✓ 60ml cilantro, minced ✓ 1 egg 


1. Heat the olive oil in a heavy-bottomed pot. Cut boneless, skinless chicken breast into half inch (1.25 cm) thick pieces. Put them in the pot and brown until a nice golden color is obtained.
 2. Pack them to one side of the pot and add the diced onion along with the minced garlic and cayenne pepper (optional). Sauté for a few minutes until tender. 
3. Add the chicken broth, cover, and simmer over low heat while you prepare the vegetables. 
4. Cut the carrots and green pepper into half-inch (1.25 cm) thick dice and green beans into one-inch (2.5 cm) long pieces. Slice the mushrooms. Add the vegetables to the broth and chicken mixture. Brew. 
5. Dice the fresh tomatoes. Pour the tomatoes, tomato puree, and salt into the pot. Cover and bring to a boil. Lower the heat and let it simmer. 
6. Finally, add the uncooked rice and mix—cover and cook for 45 minutes on a low heat, or until the rice is done. While the rice is cooking, you will need to add broth or water. If necessary, add small amount at a time.
7. Stir the mixture during cooking to prevent the Rice from sticking. 7. When ready to serve, garnish the bottom of a serving dish with lettuce leaves. Stack a mountain of Rice in the middle. Garnish with chopped cilantro and hard-boiled egg slice.

COOKING TIPS ➢ If you would like a gluten-free version of this recipe, be sure to use gluten-free chicken broth. NUTRITIONAL FACTS NUTRIENT NUTRITIONAL VALUE 1. CALORIES 280kcal 2. PROTEIN 15g 3. LIPIDS 5g 4. SATURATED FAT 1.5g 5. CARBOHYDRATES 46g 6. FIBRES 4g 7. SUAGR 5g 8. CHOLESTEROL 45mg


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